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Our Team

Teachers and Staff Members


Kathryn McHugh

The Founding Principal of Jing Jing International Kindergarten Nursery and Playgroup

NNEB Dip-UK, QKT – Hong Kong.

BCouns (Counselling) University of Queensland. Expressive Art/Sand Therapist -Australian Institute of Counsellors.

Childcare Supervisor-Hong Kong

Vocational Trainer & Assessor Education -UK

Kathryn is the founding Principal of our international branch which was set up 15 years ago. She is originally from Jersey, in the Channel Islands and is a committed Early Years teacher with over 30 years’ experience in nurseries, kindergartens and primary schools in the UK, Australia and Hong Kong. She is passionate about youth mental health being a qualified Counsellor and Expressive Arts Therapist with her own successful private practice.
She firmly believes that success in Early Years education is about building relationships and that education is a team effort between school and family

Ms. Lee Wing Yan

The Principal of Jing Jing Kindergarten and Nursery

(M.A. CUHK, B.Ed.(Hons) Edu. U,

Kindergarten Principal Cert. BU)

Ms. Lee, the Principal, has devoted herself in Kindergarten and Nursery education for over twenty years. Throughout that time, she has been offering services of her expertise to international education organisations as well as main stream institutes. She excels herself in the all-round comprehension of early childhood education, in addition to abundant experiences of education administration and management.


Ms. Lee firmly believes that each child is, in a way, unique. ‘Learning’ is not lifeless nor soulless. It is not merely a pure mechanical repetition of experiences from people of the past. On the contrary, proper learning should be a process of personal exploring, coupled with self-experiencing, and leading to the discovery of intended results. Ms. Lee, therefore, emphasises on the creation of rich language environments for very young children, providing joyous atmosphere to induce motives of learning. Young children will be assisted to establish abilities of understanding by reasoning, communication, cooperation, and last but not least, thinking. These abilities will help the initial development of their individually unique potentials.


It is Ms. Lee‘s earnest wish that by making use of various school teaching activities in conjunction with the participation of parents, following the objective of Jing Jing Kindergarten & Nursery “Extending the love for our own children to everybody else’s children”, we have all children brought here, to enjoy the Jing Jing irrigation of ample love and positive energy. We will nurture the habit of actively realising basic matters, the courage of solving problems, the humble attitude to seek knowledge, and to crown all, the abilities of positive thinking, which lays the solid foundation to face all kinds of challenges in the journey of their growing up.


Let us walk on, for the well-being of our children. Trust in us, and you will never walk alone.


Ms. Ng Lai Ping

Vice Principal of  Jing Jing Kindergarten
(Tuen Mun Branch & International Preschool)


Ms. So Ka Wai

Vice Principal of  Jing Jing Anglo Chinese Kindergarten
(Hung Shui Kiu Branch) 


Ms. Leung Suk Ying

Lead Teacher of  Jing Jing Kindergarten and Nursery

(Shun Lee Branch)


Ms. Reshma Jhaveri

Lead Teacher
(International Brach)


Ms. Ling Po Ki

Assisting Lead Teacher

(Shun Lee Branch)


Ms. Daisy Cheung 

General Secretary


Ms. Gina Leung

HR ​Assistant

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