Our School

Children joining our school have already learnt a great deal.  The Early Years Education we offer our children is based on the following principles:

  • It builds on what our children already know and can do;

  • It ensures that no child is excluded or disadvantaged;

  • It offers a structure for learning that has a range of starting points, content that matches the needs of young children and activities that provides opportunities for learning both indoors and outdoors;

  • It provides a secure, rich, challenging and stimulating environment.


The general features of good practice in our school that relate to the Early Years Foundation Stage are:

  • The partnership between staff and parents, so that our children feel secure at school and develop a sense of well-being and achievement

  • The understanding that staff have of how children develop and learn, and a reflection of this in their teaching

  • The carefully planned curriculum that helps children achieve the Early Learning Goals (ELGs) by the end of the Foundation Stage

  • The encouragement for children to learn through play and communication, to talk about their learning, and to develop independence and self-management

  • The identification of the progress and future learning needs of each child through observations, which are regularly shared with parents

  • The clear aims for our work, and the regular monitoring to evaluate and improve what we do

Teaching Principles

Enabling Environment

At Jing Jing International Kindergarten, our focus is on offering children the best possible environment to grow and achieve. We ensure this by maintaining low child:teacher ratios, and therefore enabling both to form the vital relationship and attachment that is proven to be essential in promoting and supporting Early Years Education. 

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